Network Yachts become YACHTS.CO

The award winning Network Yachts have boldly rebranded to become YACHTS.CO merging 4 other offices


In a major change to its overall branding, the highly successful and well established boat sales, Network Yachts Brokers Swansea will become YACHTS.CO from the 4th of September.

Managing Director of the company Jamie Tibbott stated, “When we started Network Yacht Brokers Swansea 11 years ago we set out to provide an outstanding service to the local boating community. In our wildest dreams we did not expect to have reached the level we are at today, handling world leading boat brands and operating throughout the UK and Europe. It is therefore an appropriate time to move to a more worldwide focused branding for our new boats which is relevant to boat owners everywhere.

Changing our name to YACHTS.CO will make it easier to find, remember and contact us” Joining the new group will be our Corfu, Neyland and Milford Haven offices to become the largest boat sales in Wales and providing an international boat sales service We will proudly remain members of the Network Yacht Brokers group as market leaders in selling brokerage boats #yachtsco